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Encompass Energy aims to bring a pragmatic, cost-effective approach to reducing energy consumption in buildings. Whether new construction or renovation of a building, thoughtful re-purposing of an existing space, or something altogether outside the normally defined realm of “buildings,” our team will assist the project and team to reduce energy use, carbon emissions, and utility costs.

Our focus is on existing building retrofits and using energy modeling to support capex spending, incentive procurement, and design assistance for carbon planning. We also provide whole building energy analysis, daylight analysis, design engineering, commissioning, certification support, and energy compliance services. Please see Services.

Encompass Energy LLC staff includes professional engineers, energy modeling professionals, data analysts, and certified energy managers. With staff in Denver Colorado, Richmond Virgina, Sacramento California, and Quebec City Quebec, we support projects across North America.


Samuel Mason, Principal

Sam Mason is a professional engineer who has over ten years of design and analysis experience in new and existing building construction projects. Sam has worked on a variety of university and commercial projects throughout the world acting as the design engineer, energy consultant, and engineering construction supervision lead. Sam has completed over thirty ASHRAE level 1 and 2 energy audits and has worked on over forty projects pursuing LEED certification, acting as the design engineer, site engineer, and energy consultant.

Lorne Mlotek, Lead Engineering Instructor

Lorne is our LEED instructor and over the past nine years Lorne has taught energy modeling, building science and over 200 LEED training courses Lorne has also partnered with over 200 post-secondary institutions and companies across North America to present about sustainable topics to their students. Lorne believes that increased education will lead to greater market demand for green buildings, the recognition of their financial merits and growth in green collar industries. He is also currently working on a recruiting company specializing in sustainable opportunities.

An expert in building science and integrated design, Lorne has working as a sustainability consultant with Smith and Anderson Footprint, as a developer with Provident Energy Management, a division of Tridel, and with Morrison Hershfield as a designer. Lorne was also the engineering consultant on over 25 sustainable projects pursuing LEED, Energystar and BOMA BESt certification.

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